Hotels across the nation join up with 12-week health program

Want to keep up on your workout routine but find it difficult while traveling? That’s a common problem that people have but one program is aiming to put an end to it. It’s called the six pack shortcuts program and hotels are starting to join with it to allow guests to stay up to date on their workout routines.

The six pack shortcut program follows a strict and planned system of intense muscles and cardio exercises with carefully planned nutrition intake. The whole system is built on the scientific knowledge, that more intense the workout will be the higher the oxygen intake and more burning of the calories will take place. For instance a robust physical exercise like hiking burns 185 calories in just 30 minutes (1).

The program follows a number of phases around a 12 weeks schedule to achieve the end results in the form of chiseled muscles.

Following are the phases of the program and activities involved:

First Phase:

While the entire program is focused on building abs, it is not all you need to have for a well-maintained body. The first phase involves exercises that focus on building total body-building mass.

This phase might be the most difficult one as it requires a little time for the body to adjust to the new routine but once on it, this phase will help in developing the habit of doing short workouts daily on their own. This phase is mostly about getting our body ready for the weeks to come and to infuse habit of workouts.

Second Phase:

It is pretty impossible to gain muscles without getting rid of all that fat that has been accumulating in the belly, so the second phase of the programs focuses solely on losing fat. This phase concentrates on building an intense routine of cardiovascular exercises that will help in triggering faster fat loss and build strength. This is similar to the stages in Isagenix, a common weight loss program.

Third Phase:

A person will be able to lose an ample amount of fat during the first and second phase; therefore, in the third phase, the attention is shifted to building the abs, meaning that the exercises in this phase will be a lot different and more intense than the previous ones. Since abs and muscles will be built in this phase, it will involve weight lifting, squats, military presses, dead lifts and various other heavy lifting exercises.

Fourth Phase:

The fourth and the last phase of the program aim towards losing all the remaining fat and toning the muscles. Exercises done in this phase will be the ones that the candidate will be conducting for the rest of their lives to maintain their six packs. These exercises will help in maintaining the six packs and prevent the fat from accumulating again.

Even though the program is effective and an established means of gaining six packs, one needs to remember that everyone’s muscles develop differently. A good and well-maintained body is a combination of many things, namely a person must eat well and have a healthy lifestyle.

Different bodies react differently to different endeavors because of various types of bodies and genes. An apple shaped body is known to store more fat in general, a pear shaped body is suspected to more fats in thighs. Similarly, due to different genetics, some people have a body that promotes fast muscle building while others are not so lucky (2).

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