Antioxidants coming to hotels to help clients maintain better health

Why should hotel clients be deprived of good health?

Thats exactly what Northland Inn wanted to know. Now they are offering Vitapulse and other antioxidant supplements for purchase to their clients.

Since our body contains damaging molecules called ‘free radicals’ which carry a lot of potential to do considerable damage to our system. These free radicals have the ability to attack the healthy cells that we have, which consequently leads to developing certain medical conditions, diseases etc like cancer, several heart diseases, a weaker immune system, to name a few.

Using Antioxidants to Fight Free Radicals:

Several researches indicate that free radicals are involved in the pathogenesis of no less than 50 diseases. [1] If free radicals can actually be this harmful, it only makes sense that we take appropriate steps to counter the damage that they could potentially wreak on our bodies.

Since these free radicals are internally and externally generated in our bodies because of oxidation, stopping them from being ever produced is something that is next to impossible for the simple reason that our bodies need oxygen to survive. It is actually oxygen itself that as a highly reactive atom becomes a ‘free radical’. Antioxidants (found in Vitapulse) are natural substances that are found in many foods that do not just have the capability of stabilizing these free radicals, but can also deactivate them.[2]

There are plenty of fruits, vegetables and even certain teas like green tea that are rich in antioxidants, hence the easiest way to get a good dose of antioxidants is to have a healthy diet that has you consuming a healthy amount of organic vegetables and fruits.

Antioxidants and Heart Health:

Studies report a somewhat undecided conclusion on whether or not antioxidants actually do something for our heart health or not. In one study, it was found out that women who took 600 IU of Vitamin E reported no significant improvements in their cardiovascular health as compared to that group of women who were taking the placebo.  However, it was seen that women who did take Vitamin E had their cardiovascular mortality rate reduced to 24%. [3]

This clearly suggests that these antioxidants are doing something good for our cardiovascular health, which explains why so many nutritionists stress on making sure that we consume enough antioxidants to ensure our heart’s health.

Antioxidant Supplements: VitaPulse

While fruits and vegetables are our go to products for consuming antioxidants, they are not the only options available.  We have several antioxidant supplements available in the market which can help us in meeting our antioxidant needs.

One such supplement is VitaPulse. Manufactured by Princeton Nutrients, VitaPulse contains many antioxidant ingredients that are said to be very beneficial for our cardiovascular health. And considering heart disease has often been one of the leading causes of death in most countries, it is no surprise that supplements like VitaPulse are so in demand these days.

VitaPulse is said to not just reduce inflammation throughout the body, but it also helps protecting the heart cells which consequently lowers down the risk of heart disease. And if you do experience a cardiac incident, VitaPulse is also going to ensure that the damage that you experience is less. Your heart is not the only thing that is going to benefit from VitaPulse.

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